Natalie's ART Foundation



User Experience Intern


Full website redesign

Social media campaign


Creative ideation

Content strategy

Site architecture



Natalie's ART Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness and fund research for childhood brain cancer.


The Problem

Support and sales have plateaued. Consequently, Natalie's ART recognized the need for a brand evolution which maintains current brand standards while broadening appeal to new KC residents.


What i learned

The ability to adapt in a fast paced environment is crucial. Due to time constraints, it was not feasible to deliver high fidelity wireframes. Instead, I had to collaborate with the creative team to sketch wireframes on a whiteboard in order to meet deadlines. 




The Process


Who Are The Users?

We found that a majority of the users are church, work and school friends. Additionally, Natalie's ART has a very close following from residents in the local Kansas City area.



Content Strategy

Utilizing the search page results produced by SEO, I was able to analyze the content on the old website and give recommendations on what should be added and removed.

Site Map

Next, I was able to analyze the site architecture and draft a site map for the redesign. The old site had 11 main navigation items, and the overall user flow was inconsistent. After some work, I brought the number of main navigation items down to 5, which made navigating through the site easier.

Call-to-action Mapping

Next, I worked with the creative team to map out the call-to-actions for the new site.

Wireframe Sketching

Due to time constraints, I was unable to create formal wireframes via sketch. Instead, I met with the creative team to sketch out individual pages on a whiteboard. This gave the development team enough time to develop the new site.

New Site Page Examples

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